It is a good preventative program to improve indoor air quality and keep contact surfaces free from bacteria and germs. Our living environment is dirtier that we realize and over 60% of people fall sick due to airborne bacteria and viruses, and the rest due to touching contaminated surfaces.

After the treatment is complete all that is left is a clean and fresh environment which is 99.9% germ and bacteria free. The coating dries in a few minutes and is self-cleaning. The synergy of treatments does not leave behind any residue or sticky feeling.

After completion of our Bactakleen fumigation treatment, the room or car will have a slight pine tree scent. The Bactashield coating has no scent at all. If fact, unpleasant odours such as from tobacco and food will disappear as the coating breaks down the contaminants and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the room including formaldehydes, Sulphur’s, ethylene and ammonias. The coating removes odours caused by organics and even offensive cleanser odours.

After the first complete treatment service, we recommend that home and office owners redo the Bactakleen anti-bacterial fumigation service every 3 months. For cars, fumigation process should be every month. As for high use or frequently abraded contact areas, we recommend yearly re-coating for maximum anti-microbial effectiveness. In humid environments, such as Malaysia and Singapore, the rate of mould growth is rapid, therefore, generally it is recommended that Bactakleen treatment be carried out regularly to maintain an optimally clean environment well protected against bacteria and germs.

Bactakleen is non-toxic and environmentally-safe. It has no harmful effect on humans and pets. The Bactashield coating does not penetrate the skin barrier. Our coating is only available in liquid (water-based) form and engineered to bond permanently to surfaces upon drying. It is even safe and effective for carpeting, clothing and bedding.

The fumigation takes an average of 15 minutes per car and about 20 minutes per standard size bedroom. For larger spaces it may take up to 25 minutes. For large conference rooms or living rooms, it may require double or triple fumigation to allow sufficient fumigation to take place. The coating process will take another 15-20 minutes. A full terrace house can be completed within 2 hours.

We just recommend the removal of loose items or items that are sensitive to a bit of moisture. Other than that, you do not need to remove any large furniture items. In fact, it is better to leave it in place as the anti-bacterial fumigation can then penetrate into the cushioning and bedding to kill the bacteria and germs breeding within them.

Allergy sufferers and people with breathing sensitivities will know right away. Most customers will notice a cleaner fresher room. For car owners, their steering wheel, gear knob and handbrake will no longer have a grubby, sticky feeling, and likewise, home owners, will feel that their door knobs and handles are cleaner. The Bactakleen treatment sticker will provide an indication of the date of service completion.

Bactashield coating is indeed transparent. While virtually invisible on matte, textured, or light colored surfaces, high gloss and very dark surfaces may show a slight iridescent effect or increase in sheen after the coating dries. The coating can be applied to stone, masonry, ceramics, metals, wood, painted surfaces, glass, and textiles. We do not recommend application on leather, silk, or organic based inks or paints, because the oxidation process may remove some pigments from these organic materials. We will always test a sample surface for unconventional surfaces to check its cosmetic effects. A very light coat is all that is necessary, and will help prevent streaking or drips.

Bactakleen is the world’s first 2-in-1 anti-bacterial treatment system. No other treatment provides this synergy. Most domestic products you find in the supermarket are just ‘spray and wipe’ applications that only kill bacteria and germs on the surface for the few minutes of which the chemical remains on the surface. However, the “Nano scale” sized cleaning particles of our Bactakleen fumigation technology is 1/50th the size of an aerosol droplet and remain airborne for longer. Aerosols are also wet and can damage interior fabrics and surfaces. Foam treatments require a significant amount of labor and only work on areas it can reach within air-conditioning systems. Generally, sprays, aerosols and foams cannot provide long term protection or penetrate the hard to reach places or where the sun does not shine.

Our Mission

We are a professional team providing a synergy of innovative anti-bacterial treatments and advocate the importance of good public health and hygiene standards.

Our Vision

To make Bactakleen the global leading public service provider for anti-bacterial treatments across a wide range of applications.